Cameron Earnshaw


“An Apology”

A track from the upcoming EP // Recorded live off the floor at Skytrack Studios


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Long Gone

by Cameron Earnshaw

about cameron


From a young age, Cameron has had a relationship with music. With an early start on the piano learning the basic foundations of musical theory to being featured in songs that span the musical spectrum, he has added more instruments to his sonic arsenal and found his focus in voice. 

Cameron has collaborated with many musicians spanning several genres, including  Erik Huang's progressive metal EP Akshara, Aaron Berton's ZarathustraJacy St. James' RustArthur Smeall's Stuck in Space and Time, and more.  

After graduating magna cum laude from Berklee College of Music with a BA in Professional Music, Cameron is now performing, featuring as a guest vocalist in musically diverse projects across the globe, writing and recording his own material, and teaching.